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Wednesday, April 11, 2012
By Cecilia
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I had the honor to meet and photograph lil baby Grayson! He is so precious and so beautiful. Really... I'm suppose to be getting my baby fixes when I photograph little newborns... but it leaves me wanting more...agghhh!....ssshhh! Don't let my hubby read this! Big Sister is such a good sister, when I walked in the room she was holding baby Grayson and I didn't even see her there for a second because she was so quiet and so gentle. Truly this family is so precious and I was more than honored to photograph Grayson and meet the new addition. I happen to photograph brothers and sister while Grayson had a lil snack...they are just so cute! Here some sneak peeks. Enjoy!

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Keri Wisdom - So precious. You did a great job Cecilia and he is just amazingly perfect.