Frozen Yogurt Anyone?

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Wednesday, July 03, 2013
By Cecilia
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So, the latest craze has been frozen yogurt! Well I guess for a while now. Little "fro-yo" shops started popping every where. I have been a total rebel. I was very anti-frozen yogurt. How? and Why? you ask yourself. "If it's cold and sweet, then I'm going to eat ice-cream" of course my favorite! My kids love frozen yogurt and the hubby would sneak it at work. I had friends trying to persuade me otherwise. "I run for Ice-cream! 3 miles a day!" I would say. BUT.... then one day hubby begged me to take me out for frozen yogurt, "you will love it!" he said. "I promise"... I very much reluctantly obliged as he had said it in front of the kids... of course he said it in front of the kids, he knows I can't say no to them. Geez! He knows me so well! Ok, so he took me, and let me tell you I was in love! He took me to this little shop in Orange County that's so cute and the yogurt was so fresh and tasteful, the toppings were so fresh. I was in LOVE and addicted all at once. I was smiling from ear to ear and couldn't stop for the rest of the day. That place was PINKBERRY. I know I am late on this craze but the hubby couldn't stop laughing at how I had a permanent smile on my face. Mission completed! I love yummy frozen yogurt! Here are some pictures from my cell phone. I couldn't contain my excitement to document this deliciousness! 

Can you guess which one is mine? Lol! This only started another craze for me. The VERY next day, I scouted and found this little shop in our neighborhood, here in Menifee, well it's Sun City, that wasn't quite Pinkberry, but it was as close as it gets. Very fresh, very tasty. The location was also a coffee shop... I was in heaven! Very nice new little shop, cute, friendly, super clean and very well ambiance! I was in love. I know where I'll be during the summer! Super Yummers!!! YoJo! 


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