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Monday, July 01, 2013
By Cecilia
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Three weeks into Summer vacation and all I hear in the morning is "What are we going to do today Mom?!" ... eek! Trying to find things for the kids to do can be a job in itself these days. So we map out our week and the kids seem to be content with knowing the activities we will be doing and exploring. This week we hit the beach to get out of the scorching heat! The kids were ecstatic to be going. So I packed all the gear, all lunches and we hit the road. It's only 1.5 hours away... lol But, I made it early and it was a bit humid but way cooler than in town. I went for a 2 mile run as I followed the kids in their scooters; they were sweating by the time I was done. I could have kept going but I felt bad as their sweat dripped down their flushed faces and asking "Now are we done?". We hit the tide pools to check out the marine life and that was so much fun! They couldn't believe how many crabs were coming out of the rocks. We saw star fish, lobsters, baby fish, sea anemones, and lots of other things that I didn't know what they were. But it was perfect! I always envisioned taking my kids out to the tide pools when I was younger. As we kept going back to check on the meter I decided to take the kids on a little tour to the restaurant that their dad took me the day he proposed, and the exact spot where he popped the question. The kids were grinning ear to ear to hear the story. They couldn't stop smiling! Finally we hit the sand and I let the kids hit the water. My son had his boogie board, and the girls splashed against the waves, making new friends. As I was making lunch for them, my son took a break to give me a lesson on how waves are formed, how the tide is low and high, discussing how the world is round and what the horizon means. I just listened but my heart was content as I realized that moments like these are the moments they will remember forever and I will cherish when I'm old and they are grown. What a beautiful day it was! Here's hoping for more beautiful and blessed days as this. Thankful to be sharing some pictures of our day!

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