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Tuesday, March 27, 2012
By Cecilia
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All my single ladies, all my single ladies.... hehehe.. no just kidding. I was totally honored to photograph this beautiful, independent, great mommy today. She loves her kids, and loves to spend every single moment she can with them. She is always looking to enjoy them and do something fun with them. She is an awesome mom! When the opportunity came to photograph her by herself, I jumped on it! As mommies we sometimes forget about ourselves, because everything is for our children, our family, our household, and everything else and we run out of time or energy for ourselves. I wanted her to feel special, beautiful and great... on her own... totally independent from anybody else. I think I accomplished that! yay! It was such a beautiful day and I was so happy to see her smile, laugh and be comfortable.. William Levy...I'm coming for you!! hahaha.. ok well here is a sneak preview! Hope you enjoy!


I had asked her to describe herself in 3 words, and here they are: adventurous, spontaneous, and quiet... :)